Connectiv Group specialises in growing innovative businesses, from Start-up, through Research and Development, to Commercialisation and Global expansion.

We have a team of experienced consultants with expertise across business growth and development, accounting and taxation, government grants and information technology.

Daniel Weinstock


Daniel brings together consultancy, managerial and entrepreneurial expertise, IT technical knowledge, accounting and project management skills to contribute on a project oriented basis. He has over 30 years of professional involvement in the business of medical device development, information technology, software development, international trade, recruitment and healthcare, capital raising, general management, strategic planning, functional analysis, sales, marketing project management as well as mediation and negotiation experience. Daniel has also traveled extensively on business in Australia, North and South Asia, USA and mainland and Eastern Europe.

Benjamin A. Weinstock

Senior Consultant, Tax Agent & Chartered Accountant, Director

Ben commenced his accounting & taxation career at Deloitte in 2000 in Corporate Tax and became a Chartered Accountant in 2004. He has over a decade of experience in Business Services, specialising in assisting small-medium businesses and high net worth individuals. Ben has also worked as a Financial Counsellor in the Community Sector – alleviating financial stress for hundreds of people.

Connectiv Group provides him with the opportunity to passionately apply his skills to assist entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality and to grow and prosper.

With specialist experience with the R&D Tax Incentive, EMDG, other grants and business consulting, he prides himself in producing the highest-quality work and upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

Ben also enjoys spending quality time with his family, has a keen interest in all music, and is endlessly curious in any and all technical areas.

Asher Ellazam

Senior Consultant

Asher is a seasoned professional from the software industry with a rare mix of experience. Over almost 4 decades, he has worked across most industries and has fulfilled a wide variety of technical, business and operational roles. He also has experience working in the Middle East and US. Over the last 20 years, Asher has also been running his own niche consulting business, alongside his full-time roles.

In 2017, Asher left the software industry after realising that IT project management had become purely a governance role. He then joined Connectiv Group for a trial period, preparing R&D applications primarily for software customers. He found similarities with previous roles in that he was talking to customers about their operations, issues, objectives and how to bring ideas to fruition. He started dealing with a wider range of customers and found that his operational experience enabled him to quickly establish understanding and trust with the customer, regardless of the industry.

As a natural teacher, Asher enjoys informing, guiding and mentoring customers and colleagues and he takes great satisfaction from their response, appreciation and loyalty. He is considered the ultimate professional, having set benchmarks for communication, documentation and consulting standards throughout his career.

Away from the office, Asher is a dance instructor, dances salsa and Israeli folkdance and he enjoys spending time with his young adult kids..