Are you looking for funding to grow your business? Connectiv Group has extensive experience obtaining grants for our clients at a Local, State and Federal level.

Governments are constantly offering grants to encourage different areas of activity. While their requirements vary, certain characteristics are typical including:

  • Joint funding: You provide a contribution equivalent to or greater than the grant amount.
  • Refund model: Costs are reimbursed at different Milestones, based on a submitted Progress report with details of activity, costs and delays as well as changes to plans, risks or finances. In some cases, an up-front amount may be paid to your business to get the project going and then another payment at project end.
  • Competitive: Funding is released in rounds, with a set deadline for applications. All applications are compared, based on their alignment with the grant criteria of merit, and the bucket of grant money for that round is divided up between projects. There are some grants that are open/ongoing and applications are considered on a case by case, rather than competitive, basis.
  • Project based: Funding is provided for a well-defined scope of work, set up as a project, which typically commences on a future date (ie. after receiving the grant funding approval).

Connectiv Group provides a range of services, related to grants. We’re happy to perform initial limited research to assist before proceeding with a formal engagement. If there is sufficient potential, we can then assist in different ways:

  1. Detailed research: We analyse relevant available grants in detail, ascertain the associated processes with government officers and provide a summary report with findings and recommendations.
  2. Application preparation: We complement your own capabilities to prepare the application content itself, consult with government officers and prepare supplementary business and project documents (eg. Business case, Project plan).
  3. Report Preparation: During the project stage, we can also assist with preparation of the various reports – eg. Milestone report, Progress report, Project End report.

Here are some of the grants that Connectiv Group has been involved with:


  • Accelerating Commercialisation
  • Co-operative Research Centres Program
  • Export Market Development Grant
  • Manufacturing Modernisation Fund


  • Jobs and Regional Growth Fund
  • Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund
  • Regional Jobs and Investment Packages


  • Local Industry Fund for Transition
  • Future Industries Fund Manufacturing Program
  • The Victoria-Israel Science Innovation and Technology Scheme

City of Melbourne

  • Export and Business Investment Grants