We specialize in hand-operated gardening tools. In 2015 we released to the market the durable 2-in-1 ratchet operated secateurs, the MK6 2-in-1 Secateurs, that with the flick of a switch, easily converts to single cut mode for light pruning work. The tool utilizes the patented DualKut® ratchet mechanism and was so well received by consumers, that we believed it could be an excellent basis for the development of a wider range of tools and gardening products.

However, the DualKut® ratchet mechanism was by no means a solution to aspects of design, choice of materials or methods of component fabrication, manufacture and assembly.

Challenges included how to address angles and geometry of the mechanical requirements of the new tool given varying size, weight and handle length, whilst being light-weight, and being able to be operated without hand-strain by people with weak hand function, disability or conditions such as injury to ligaments, RSI or Carpel Tunnel. In addition to designing and experimentally testing new components, we also minimized tooling dies during the manufacturing process. Extensive consultation, research, CAD design, prototyping and experimental testing was carried out to expand the new 2WP gardening range.