Loud & Clear Safety

Bisonic Combined Eye and Ear Protection is a safety apparatus developed by Loud & Clear Safety to successfully combine both eyeglasses frame and protective ear-muffs in the one product. A 10-year journey involving research, prototyping, experimentation and modification has lead to the production of Loud and Clear Safety’s first-release products.

Connectiv Group have worked with Loud & Clear Safety to assist with applying for the R&D Tax Incentive and have continued the relationship to the assist with exporting – including providing useful introductions for the overseas production and marketing of Bisonic products.

About the Bisonic Design

Hearing protection provided by earmuffs is often compromised when worn with Safety eyewear with medium or wide frames, as sound can enter through gaps in the cushion seal at the front and rear of the earmuff, resulting in a lower reduction of amplitude across a broad range of frequencies.

Maintaining an unbroken, tight seal between the ear cushion and head is critical. Many complex components have been combined to create an elegant and accessible design solution for this dual-purpose product. The Loud & Clear Safety Bisonic design is an industry first to successfully uphold equal pressure at the top and bottom earmuff, while simultaneously applying a mounted pivot with rotating lens arm.

Class 5 acoustic protection is unimpaired when moving the eyewear up or down, changing lenses or adding accessories such as welding glasses and face shield attachments to the apparatus. Distortion-free vision is achieved by ensuring no flexion forces are transferred to the lens from the head band and the product is also designed to accommodate helmet use and to be comfortably worn for long periods of time in harsh industry or sporting environments.

Q&A with Director, David Fountain

As an entrepreneur running a small business, how is the R&D Tax Incentive process for you?

“The R&D grant application experience is so foreign to me. I’m a commercial builder and I found the process too dry and too hard. ConnectivGroup had a real technical understanding of what was required and sent a list of the right questions for us to answer. They broke it own and made it easier to digest.”

Could you have lodged an application without an R&D specialist and obtained the same results?

“Hell no! I couldn’t have done it without an R&D specialist and my accountant couldn’t have done it alone, it had to be a collaboration”

“Connectiv Group were able to communicate with my accountant in an easy way. It worked really well.”

“I will say this, ConnectivGroup have trained us to record keep, which has been helpful. ConnectivGroup have also made us aware of supportive opportunities available out there, which is great, because my head wasn’t in that space.”

Loud & Clear Safety aim to commercialise their invention in 2018, so keep a look out for their new safety eyewear. Connectiv Group always enjoys working with Peter and his team and we hope that we play a small part in helping them to focus on what they truly do best -inventing great products!